Induction cap sealers for low, moderate and high speed packaging lines

Enercon Super Seal™ cap sealers are industry workhorses for production line packaging. Leading packagers select Enercon’s air cooled cap sealers for their productivity and reliability.

Four Production Ready Designs

Super Seal User Interface

Sharing the same innovative design concept featuring microprocessor control, self protective circuitry, and soft start to prevent surges. Stainless steel enclosures are safe for wash down and the cap sealers require virtually no maintenance. The Super Seal™ series provides a simple operator interface with power levels and LED indicators. Cap sealers also offer remote start and stop control, inspection and rejection, flashing light indicator and computer interface options.

  • Super Seal™ Alpha - low to medium speed lines
  • Super Seal™ Supra - medium to high speed
  • Super Seal™ Ultra - highest speed lines
  • Super Seal™ PLC Touch - advanced operations

Inspection System Options

  • Enercon e-jector™
  • Stalled Bottle Detector
  • High/cocked Cap Detector
  • Auto Start/Stop

Air Cooled Design for all Climates

Enercon pioneered the development of air cooled cap sealers over twenty years ago. The technology offered new standards of reliability and ease of use, and quickly replaced water cooled cap sealers. Today, high speed production lines around the world in North America, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Venezuela, Thailand, Malaysia & India rely on Enercon for reliable induction sealing performance.

Sealing Heads Matched for your application

Key to induction sealing efficiency is ensuring the sealing energy is optimized for the application. Enercon offers numerous sealing head designs that focus the induction sealing energy on the foil induction liner. In most cases a single induction sealing head will handle your scope of cap and bottle configurations. And when your applications require more than one sealing head you’ll be pleased to know they are easily interchangeable.


Sealing Head Flat


Sealing Head Custom


Sealing Head Tunnel


Sealing Head Deep Tunnel

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