Super Seal PLC Touch

Advanced High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

Ideal for pharmaceutical packagers and operations looking for advance control, Enercon offers the Super Seal™ Touch PLC. It’s capable of sealing at ultra high line speeds with integrated cap inspection, data features, and PLC touch screen control.

Internal Intelligence

The PLC Touch model incorporates the high speed sealing capabilities of the Super Seal™ Ultra with the added benefits of advanced inspection and control options. You decide how you want to control the sealer either locally or with remote signals or network control.

Inspection System Options

  • Stalled bottle
  • Cocked cap
  • Container rejection
  • Auto start/stop

Additional System Options

  • Bottle counters
  • Recipe management
  • Operator password protection

Application Expertise

Depending on your cap and container configuration Enercon will select the sealing head that will best meet your requirements. Our engineers have develop sealing heads for every cap sealing application imaginable and are experts at optimizing sealing energy into your foil liner. If your needs ever change Enercon’s sealing heads are easily removed and replaced.

Reliable Air Cooled Design

Everyday around the world Enercon air cooled cap sealers are put to the test in every possible environment. Their success is based on an innovative design and world class components. And when you consider they require virtually no maintenance, it’s no wonder Enercon air cooled sealers have replaced water cooled cap sealers.

Ideal for Pharmaceutical Sealing

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