Flat Sealing Head

Ideal for sealing most containers with a liner close to the top of the cap
& for caps with diameters of more than 53mm.

When discussing any sealing head style it is important to remember a few important concepts:

  • 1 The strength of the electromagnetic field generated by your induction sealer dissipates exponentially with respect to the distance from the sealing head.
  • 2 The distance from the top of your cap to the foil inside the cap is not equal with all closure styles. Compare a flat continuous thread (CT) cap with a child resistant closure (CRC.) The foil in the flat CT cap is very near the top while the foil in the CRC maybe as much as 1/4" from the top of the cap!
  • 3 The physical size of the foil inner liner plays a role in determining which style of sealing head works best for your application. While it may seem a little counter-intuitive at first thought, it takes more energy to seal a smaller liner than it does a large one because as the liner increases in size, it also increases the amount of metal mass available to be heated.
Flat Sealing Head

KEY FEATURES Flat Sealing Head

  • Directs induction field straight down towards the foil liner

  • High efficiency design

  • Works with all Enercon production cap sealer models