Air Cooled Versus Water Cooled Technology

When induction sealers were first developed in the 1960’s they were as large as a refrigerator and required a water cooling system to keep the electronics from overheating. In the 1990’s dramatic developments led to the downsizing of these systems, but water cooling was still a necessity. In the late 1990’s Enercon introduced the original Super Seal™ air cooled induction sealer and companies around the world quickly adopted the new technology.

Today air-cooled systems are more efficient, more reliable and have greater sealing capabilities from a smaller footprint then their water cooled predecessors. It’s no wonder packagers around the world have replaced their old water cooled systems with maintenance free air cooled technology.

The chart below provides a head-to-head comparison of systems with the old water cooled design and systems with the contemporary air cooled design.

Technology Comparison Old Water Cooled Technology Current Air Cooled Technology
Speed rating High Speed High Speed
Footprint Large Compact
Footprint Large Compact
Water Recirculator Required Not Needed
Replacement Parts Many Few
Maintenance Intensive rare
Energy Consumption High Low
Operating Costs High Low