Maximize Ceramic Electrode Life

When properly installed and maintained Enercon’s ceramic electrodes are designed to last indefinitely. This quick reference guide will alert you to situations and environments that can cause an electrode to fail. The most common causes of electrode failure are lack of preventative maintenance and insufficient air flow.

Dirty Electrodes

If your electrodes have a brown “cigar-juice” tint to them you are primed for an electrode failure. If the exhaust ducts in your electrode assembly are plugged with debris, you are primed for an electrode failure. Electrodes and their assemblies need to be cleaned as part of your routine preventative maintenance program. Enercon’s customer service department can provide you with the guidance you need to start or update a program that will extend the life of your electrodes.

Insufficient Air Flow

Sufficient air flow is key to keeping your electrodes within their operating temperature range. Be sure to periodically check your CFM and Static Pressure and compare the results with those recommended by Enercon. Reasons for low CFM and Static Pressure may include improper installation/design of duct work or duct material, leaks, changes to the exhaust path or a problem with the blower itself. If you suspect insufficient air flow or exhaust are contributing to premature electrode failures consult with an Enercon technician to discuss tips and guidelines for proper air flow and exhaust configurations.

Improper Electrode Installation

Enercon electrodes are shipped with a standard lead length. The lead is labeled with instructions to cut it to the proper length for your station. Leaving the lead too long can lead to arcing or grounding out of your electrode. If you are unsure of the proper length for your application please consult Enercon’s customer service department.

Oversized Splices

Ideally an automated splicer should be used for splicing webs together. When this is not possible it is important for your operator to take care in preparing the splice. Enercon’s electrode assemblies are designed to swing out of the way when a large splice passes through the web path. However too large of a splice or passing the splice through at too high of speed will cause the electrode assembly to violently swing out and back into position causing physical shock to the electrode which may lead to immediate or latent failure. Be sure to instruct your operators on proper splicing techniques. Contact us for more guidelines.

Bearing housings

In recent years Enercon has designed custom plastic bearings to provide further protection against binding. These bearings are seize resistant and provide an additional insurance for your electrodes. Please contact our customer service department for a quotation for our bearing upgrade kit.