Mastering Corona Treaters, Roll Coverings & Electrodes for Extrusion Film Lines

Application experts will guide you through equipment selection, installation best practices & tips for troubleshooting for your cast and blown film line.

Information presented was useful to users of all corona treater brands, makes and models.

Our expert panel reveals industry best practices:

  • Discover which roll coverings offer the best value
  • Learn how stainless steel electrodes outperform their counterparts
  • Avoid the biggest corona treater installation mistake
  • Find out why watt density doesn't guarantee dyne level
  • Gain understanding of why dyne levels don't guarantee adhesion
  • Reduce downtime with powerful troubleshooting tips
  • See the latest technology including remote segment actuation
  • And much, much more…

Regardless of the brand of corona treater you currently use the information presented in this webinar will be useful. Find out how this webinar will help you save money & become more productive.

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