Technical Articles

Our Technical Articles provide detailed explanations to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for more information on a topic not covered by these article please contact us.

High Definition Corona for Converting

Standard Corona or High Definition Corona, which do you think produces better adhesion results?

Optimize your Blown Film Line Layout

Learn how budget, available space, and specific application criteria all contribute to your blown film line decisions.

Clearing the Air on Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treaters

What's the buzz on the term "atmospheric plasma" throughout the main stream converting industry.

Roll Covering Options for Extrusion Film Treating

Which roll covering is best for your application?

Your Options for Treating Extruded Film

Fixed or segmented applications? Aluminum or stainless steel? What are your options for treating extruded film.

Surface Treatment Comparison Chart

You can lead an application to technology but that doesn’t mean it will work.