Watt Density Calculator

The ultimate goal of any surface treatment system is to increase surface tension measured in dynes which then increases the wettability and adhesion characteristics of the surface. This allows you to add value to the substrate through printing, laminating, coating etc.

Corona treating systems achieve this by applying a given level of power over a certain period of time to the surface. This power/time parameter is measured in watt density.

Sample calculation with Power Supply Output: 5000 watts (5kW), Electrode Width: 5 ft, Line Speed: 500 ft/min, Number of Treat Sides: 1. Watt Density = 2.

Having problems with the Watt Density Calculator? Enter all numbers as whole numbers or decimal digits if necessary, and make sure the Electrode Width and Line Speed are noted in the same units (feet and feet, or meters and meters, not feet and meters).


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