Converting Applications

While all applications are unique, most converting applications are best served with an Enercon Bare Roll or Universal Roll surface treating system. Always consult with an Enercon Application Expert to determine the best system for your application.

Enercon pioneered many of the technologies used to surface treat in the converting industry. Printers, laminators, coaters and other converters rely on Enercon's application expertise and advanced equipment design to deliver cost effective and reliable Bare Roll treating solutions.

Bare Roll systems eliminate the need for a dielectric covering on the treater roll. This saves you money since a spare dielectric roll is not required. Bare Roll systems are available in a variety of configurations depending on your application requirements. Whether you are treating conductive or non-conductive materials, one of our Bare Roll or Universal Roll treaters can be designed to meet your application requirements.

All of these systems treat any web, including: plastic, foil, metallized film or paper. The patented airflow design aids in electrode temperature stability and provides ozone removal for an ozone safe work area. The high-efficiency rectangular ceramic electrodes are long-lasting and provide higher treatment levels.

Enercon surface treaters are powered by our ultra-reliable power supplies.

Bare Roll System

Bare-Roll systems are designed with ceramic electrodes filled with conductive metal and a bare metal roll. Bare-Roll systems are popular because they are capable of treating both conductive and non-conductive materials. Bare roll systems also prevent the loss of film and production time due to roll covering burn out. And, they save money since spare coverings are not required.

Bare Roll System with Conductive Ceramic Coating

Adding a conductive ceramic to the uncoated bare-roll system prevents oxidation from occurring on the bare roll. This system makes roll clean up easier than an uncoated bare roll station, while provide the same benefits and features of the base Bare-Roll System.

Universal Roll System - High Definition Corona

The Universal-Roll is the most powerful of the bare roll systems. It combines the benefits of the Bare-Roll system with the performance equal to or greater than the covered roll systems commonly used in the extruding industry. A proprietary ceramic coating on the roll makes this system especially efficient. Visit the Universal Roll product page.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.