Corona Treatment for Blown and Cast Film Lines

Film extruders rely on Enercon corona treaters for surface treating films at the time of extrusion. Corona treatment enables future film printing, coating and laminating.

Enercon engineers will custom design a system to meet your specific application requirements. Corona Treatment options include a full range of fixed width, lane and pattern corona treatment for all types of films.

In most cases for blown and cast film operations Enercon’s application team in India recommends metal electrode systems with high capacity covered ground rolls.

Enercon Corona Treatment for Blown Film

Enercon offers fixed width and segmented metal electrodes for blown and cast film applications with ground roll options to meet your operation’s specific needs. The treater’s unique electrode assembly design removes ozone from the work area, pivots out of the way for splices and enables cleaning in place without the need to remove the electrode assembly.

Enercon Metal Tube Electrode
Enercon Flip Segmented Electrodes
Enercon Metal Tube Electrode & Covered Roll

Power Supplies

Our corona treaters are powered by Enercon’s world renown Compak™ power supply technology. Their Universal design makes them compatible with any corona treater and application. With features like auto load matching, watt density control and proven industrial reliability Enercon power supplies are the leading choice of converters.

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