Enercon corona treaters are used by leading converters and extruders to improve film surface adhesion with inks, adhesives & coatings.

Enercon has an international reputation for innovative and reliable corona treating systems. We invite you to learn how corona treaters work or download our Getting Started with Corona Treating e-book.

Enercon’s local engineers custom design corona treaters with an electrode, ground roll and power supply configuration that will meet your application requirements most efficiently. Please see the application categories below for more information.

We wanted to write you to complement and thank Enercon Asia Pacific for their support to our operations. Cosmos Films has used Enercon corona treaters extensively for over decades and experienced that Enercon systems are well designed and built for long term reliability. We acknowledge extraordinary prompt support we received from local office at Hosur.

As both organizations continue to grow, it is a great benefit to know that Enercon is a truly international company that can support our business around the world. We certainly recommend that all of our coating operations invest in Enercon surface treatment units and the support that comes with it.

N.R.More General Manager (Engg.) Cosmos Films Ltd.

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