Atmospheric Plasma and Flame Treaters for Improving Adhesion on Objects

Enercon plasma and flame surface treaters clean, etch and functionalize surfaces to improve adhesion for inks, coatings and adhesives. They are used in the automotive, aerospace, packaging, medical, wire, cable, folding cartons, plastics assembly, and other industries that need improved surface adhesion. Systems are available for treatment of all types of plastics, rubbers, silicones, glass and metals. They are easily integrated with robotics to follow precise treatment patterns or can be used with indexing systems, or in a fixed position mounted over a conveyor.

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Enercon Object Treating

Dyne-A-Mite™ HP

Dyne-a-Mite HP Blown Arc Discharge

Dyne-A-Mite™ HP Blown-arc air plasma is created when atmospheric air is blown past two high voltage power electrodes. This treatment is ideal for non conductive substrates.

Dyne-A-Mite™ IT

Dyne-a-Mite IT Blown Ion Discharge

Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Blown-ion air plasma is formed as pressurized air pushes past a single electrode which discharges inside the treater head. It is a highly focused plasma that is ideal for both conductive and non conductive surfaces and has the ability to treat difficult to reach cracks and crevices.


Flame Plasma Treater Discharge

Enercon Dyne-A-Flame™ flame plasma systems offer advanced combustion control, high velocity power flame burners, and integrated control features for safe and consistent surface treatment. Burners are available in a variety of sizes to meet your application’s requirements.

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