Plasma & Flame treating improve surface adhesion. Enercon ensures your operation’s success.

What is plasma surface treating?

Plasma is the 4th state of matter and for the purposes of surface treating it is created by exposing air or gas to high voltage electricity.

How does treating work?

In-line surface treating improves adhesion by cleaning, etching & functionalizing surfaces to remove contaminants, increase bonding sites and improve wetting.

Why choose Enercon?

Enercon ensures your success with innovative technology, application expertise and world class customer support for nearly half a century.

Learn more about our object treating technologies

Blown-arc™ Technology

Corona Treatment

Dyne-A-Mite™ HP

Blown-arc air plasma treatment is ideal for non conductive substrates.

Blown-ion™ Technology

Plasma Treatment

Dyne-A-Mite™ IT

Highly focused plasma that is ideal for both conductive and non conductive surfaces

Flame Technology

Flame Treatment


Advanced combustion control and integrated control features for safe and consistent surface treatment.

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