Technical Articles

Our Technical Articles provide detailed explanations to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for more information on a topic not covered by these article please contact us.

Adhesion Solutions for Transportation Industry Components

This technical paper examines the effectiveness of plasma and flame surface treatment technology on low polarity materials used in the manufacturing of automotive, aerospace and other transportation industry applications.

Design Considerations for Implementing Adhesive Bonding Solutions using UV/LED Technologies

Reviews productivity and efficiency made by in-line surface treatment for precision liquid dispensing and UV/LED curing technologies.

How Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treating Enables Ink Jet Printing on Wire and Cable

Learn how advances and challenges in the cable jacket marking industry are overcome.

Plasma and Flame for Polymer Adhesion

Learn about the three primary types of atmospheric surface activation systems for three-dimensional polymeric surfaces – air plasma, flame plasma, and atmospheric chemical plasma regimens.

Atmospheric Plasma Technology Comparison

Learn more about our blown-arc, blown-ion and variable chemistry technologies.

Flame and Plasma Surface Treatment for Automotive Components

Any component of a vehicle needing better adhesion prior to bonding, gluing, painting or coating is a candidate for surface treating.