Automotive Manufacturers Use Plasma & Flame to Increase Surface Energy

Enercon works with leading automotive manufacturers to reduce costs and enable light weighting to improve surface adhesion. Plasma and Flame surface treating prior to gluing, painting, coating and printing promotes stronger bonding.

Surface treatment is effective on glass, metals, composites and polymer materials such as PE, PP, TPO, POM, PUR, ABS, ASA, PA, Nylon, PC, PET and PTFE.

Flame treating is beneficial for automotive applications that require larger treatment areas. Bumpers, dashboards, consoles and glove boxes are very receptive to surface treatment.

Plasma treating is used to increase bond strength in head lamp assemblies and body parts such as gaskets, seals, mirrors, filters and more.

Surface treatment systems integrate on existing lines and as part of highly efficient robotic work cells. A green technology, surface treatment can lead to the elimination of hazardous chemical primers and solvents.


Automotive Dashboard Flame Surace Treatment

Flame Surface Treatment of Automotive Dashboard

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Dyne-a-Flame Automotive Dashboard

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