Improve Adhesive Bonding with Plasma & Flame Treating

Plasma treating enables enhanced adhesive bonds with plastics, composites, metal and glass. An inline-pretreatment technology plasma treatment improves bond strength and product quality while increasing manufacturing by removing manual surface preparation procedures and hazardous primers.

Enercon offers corona, plasma and flame treaters to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces prior to bonding. These technologies eliminate contamination and generate bonding sites for structural and non-structural applications.

Surface treatment is widely used to promote bonding with a variety of glues and adhesives. These include pressure sensitive, spray, cold glue, thermosetting, hot-melt and curable formulations.

Common adhesion applications include: automotive, window and doors, furniture, folding cartons, electrical potting, medical, household appliances and more. Plasma and flame treating are effective on nonporous surfaces such as PE, PP, PET, nylon, PS, PC, PVC, ABS, PEEK and others.


eBook - Getting Started with Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

Getting Started with Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

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Plasma surface treatment of automotive mirror assembly

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