Industrial Applications for Plasma & Flame Surface Treating

Plasma and flame treating is widely used to improve surface adhesion with adhesives, inks and coatings for industrial manufacturing, decorating and assembly operations. Industries who rely on these technologies include Automotive, Assembly, Medical, Packaging, Wire & Cable, and Folding Carton operations.

Anywhere surface adhesion fails plasma & flame pretreatment can be the solution. The examples below provide insights and examples of how inks, paints, coatings, and adhesives have improved performance with our technologies.

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Industrial Treatment Applications


Dyne-a-Mite HP Blown Arc Discharge

Learn how to improve adhesive bonding performance


Dyne-a-Mite IT Blown Ion Discharge

Surface treating solutions to improve printing adhesion


Flame Plasma Treater Discharge

Common automotive applications & insights

Electrical Potting

Using treatment to create water tight electrical potting

Windows & Doors

New applications for assembly, painting & decorating

Wire & Cable

Increase line speeds & quality with ink jet printing on wires & cables

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