Induction Cap Sealing

Protect. Improve. Safeguard.

Enercon manufactures induction cap sealers that provide tamper evidence, preventing leaks and preserving freshness with hermetic seals for packagers of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty products, chemicals & petroleum packages.

Surface Treating Solutions

Corona, Atmospheric Plasma & Flame

We also manufacture atmospheric plasma, flame & corona surface treaters that clean, etch & functionalize surfaces for a variety of ink, printing, coating, laminating, painting, adhesive & bonding applications for plastics, polymers, films, foils and metals.

Locally manufactured & supported by these marketing offices

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Message from the COO

Mr. Senthil Kumar

"The Enercon brand is respected around the world because of the company's tremendous commitment to product quality and customer support. Enercon Asia Pacific is excited to build upon this reputation with our comprehensive operations in India.

Our commitment to you includes local manufacturing, application assistance, technical service, parts, and support from our network throughout India. Through Enercon Asia Pacific you have access to Enercon’s innovative induction sealing and surface treating technology.

Your operation will benefit from Enercon’s global application expertise while enjoying all the benefits of a local partner who knows your business. We look forward to serving your needs and helping you become more profitable in both the local and global economy.”